Kintting – yay! Sewing up -yawn!

Recent fevers had vanished, normality has resumed and a return to school was made today.

I have started to knit myself another pair of socks – pink this time – using yarn leftover from the cardigan I knitted for Flo.

That cardigan remains fully knitted but I have yet to press it and sew up!  Why is the sewing up the worst job?





Maybe today …?

Flo is having her birthday party on Saturday and for the  first time we are not having a home party so I have had no decorating or making to do.  Last year we had a Frozen party as that was massively popular at the time and I made hundreds of paper snowflakes and other suitable blue and white decorations.

The year before was a pirate themed party which involved making 55 metres of pirate themed bunting and lots of other bits and pieces as it was based on a programme on Cbeebies which Flo loved – Swashbuckle.   Which also meant having to create a home version of some of the games played on the show.   Even though I say it myself we did rather well including turning the large downstairs bath in to a ‘pool of pearls’ with a hidden gem at the bottom.   The pearls were white packing chips and the gem (of which there were several hidden around the house) were polystyrene shapes painted with glitter paint.   It was supposed to be two children looking for each gem but the pool of pearls was so popular that at one point we had all 12 children in the ‘pool of pearls’ at the same time!

This year I have nothing to make or prepare (except a cake) as it is girls only (not at Flo’s request but just the way parties seem to happen at her new school – which I think is a bit of a shame as she has always had mixed parties up till now) and they are going to a bead place to make a couple pieces of jewellery each and then over the road to Pizza Express for food.

It does mean the house will stay tidy but I don’t mind admitting that I am  missing all the fun of preparing for a home party and thinking of ways to decorate the house.   We have less space here so I guess it  makes sense but a little bit of me is at a bit of a loss!

Anyway what matters most is that the birthday girl, and all her friends, have a good time.   It is not about me and my need to make and create!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “Kintting – yay! Sewing up -yawn!

  1. We have never gone for big parties for our boys. We went to plenty of soft play centres which were hell for two hours, noisy and food I could do miles better. We have done different things which our boys have enjoyed but we had one party at home for Alfie last year and it went ok. But I don not miss going to the parteis where I alwasy had to stay.xx


    1. The parties we have had a home for Flo have never been big – never any more than 12 friends. Flo always wanted parties at home because she’s a girl who likes the comfort of her own surroundings. This year we really don’t have much space so it is still a small party with just 9 girls coming (there are only 6 girls in her year and she has 3 non-school friends coming). I have taken her to parties for other children at those soft play centres and you are right – they are hell. The noise! And awful looking food. Staying is okay if you know there will be a like-minded mum to chat to but if not it can be along 2 hours as you try to make small talk with someone you have nothing in common with, and I am sure the other person feels the same!


  2. Amy had most of her parties at home with the exception of one or two and I used to love decorating the house and thinking up games etc. She was a real party animal and kept going right up to 11 years old. Thomas on the other hand is a ‘2 best friends’ kind of boy and his parties are very understated. I hope Flo enjoys her day. The jewellery making sounds great fun. xx


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