Where did the last few days go?

I don’t seem to have got near my laptop for the last few days.

Small person is properly better and went back to school last Thursday.  She had a good birthday and her party was great.  All the girls enjoyed the bead place and each made two lovely pieces – a heart to hang in their bedrooms and a bracelet.  It was the quietest party Flo as every had – 10 girls concentrating on threading beads for 2 hours!  We then took them to Pizza Express where things got a little more noisy but nothing out of hand, it was a great few hours and they all had a good time.

Other than that it has been a case of catching up on chores and domestic stuff that got a little bit neglected while Flo was poorly.

I did finally make up some lavender bags that I have been meaning to do for ages:


Some to hang in wardrobes, some to put in drawers and cupboards.  I could do with making a few more and it is a good way to use up oddments of fabric.

The cardigan, however, still looks like this:


It will be done – soon…

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Where did the last few days go?

  1. Sounds like the perfect party for girls, glad Flo was better in time to enjoy it. The little lavender bags are cute. Love the smell of lavender and every time I pass some I have to give the bush a quick rub with my fingertips! The sewing up part is the bit I really dislike about knitting. I don’t even like doing the teddies and they’re tiny. xx


    1. Lavender is lovely, had a lot of it growing in our old garden but haven’t done anything here yet as it is a temporary home. Need to get some growing in tubs though! Sewing up knitting is tiresome! I think the problem is the longer I leave this cardigan the bigger a deal it seems to be! I need to just woman-up and get on with it!


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