I’m bored with food

Well not food so much as cooking and thinking of what to cook day in and day out.

I am still meal planning each week and shopping to the plan but I don’t think there has been a single day in the last couple of weeks when I haven’t walked in to the kitchen to start cooking and realised that the last thing I feel like doing is cooking what is planned for the evening.

Before anyone shouts I do realise this is a first world problem – with famine, war, conflict in so many parts of the world I should just be grateful that I have food to cook and a kitchen to cook it in. I know that and I am.

I am just not usually so bored or disenchanted with cooking for such a long period of time.

At no point have I resorted to takeaways – too expensive and generally not nice.   Nor have I shot out to the supermarket to buy other things when I haven’t fancied making what was planned, I have either gotten on with it or adapted things slightly to suit what was available.   I just have no inspiration, no urge to cook which is not like me.

I think I need to get out all  my (far too many) cookbooks – yes I am aware of the irony of having vast numbers of cookery books and no urge to cook – and try to find some inspiration.

Perhaps, also, I am spending too much time at home, I am not used to working from home quite so much as I am doing now, and it might be that I am missing going out to work, missing getting out of the house as much as I used to.   I need to look for more things to do outside the home so I look forward more to coming back to it.

Either way my cooking mojo (I am not sure I really know what mojo means!) has vanished and I would like it back!   Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “I’m bored with food

  1. I know exactly how you feel. 30 plus years of being responsible for shopping for and feeding a family on a tight budget and I do get extremely jaded from time to time. What I tend to do is drop the meal plan and, like you, get out the cookbooks for inspiration and try something different, still mostly using ingredients I already have in stock. I might have to buy a couple of things but try not to spend more than a £1 or 2 extra. Baking also cheers me up but I don’t do that more than a couple of times a month or my weight would sky rocket again. I hope you manage to get out of your cooking blues and also out of the house…that’s another problem for me, I go stir crazy if I have to spend too much time couped up indoors. Love Helen x


    1. I think that might be an idea – increase the grocery budget just a little to incorporate a few extra special things here and there might help to reinvigorate me a little. 30 years plus! I can’t claim to have been doing it for that long so I shouldn’t really complain!


  2. It’s the weather and the time of year……….. not winter, not spring, no fresh fruit, hardly any fresh veg. ( I always blame everything on the weather!!)


  3. Hi. I know what you mean. I sometimes look at my menu plans and think I need something new! It is hard with the boys sometimes trying a different dish but they are better at being a little more adventurous. Every month or so I take a slower walk around the supermarket and pick up a few things I hadn’t planned to buy just to add a little interest to the proceedings. I, too, get my books out and try new things. Its a battle!xx


    1. That is an idea, a slower walk around the supermarket to get some new ideas and pick up different things, along with looking at the books. I think the problem is that the most of the time I tend to think ‘what will everyone eat’, as I don’t want to cook different things. I’m not running a café! And so quite often I prioritise the preferences of OH and Flo over my own. Perhaps I should make a few things that I really like (even if I make different for them) just to get my enthusiasm back a bit.


  4. I can totally sympathise. I have no words of comfort or advice. It just is what it is. I kind of meal plan, but not to a ‘set in stone’ degree. By kind of meal plan, I mean ‘have a vague idea’!
    Yep, just one of those things. Hopefully you’ll snap out of it as quickly as it started! :O)


  5. I know exactly how you feel. I sometimes have to drag myself into the kitchen and there are days when the last thing I want to do is put a meal on the table. After thinking what to cook, shopping for it and then cooking it, quite often I don’t even feel like eating it.

    Being at home all day does take some getting used to and getting out for a bit every day is a good idea. Like you said it makes you appreciate being home again. xx


    1. Oh yes, I know that feeling – being bored by the food by the time it gets to the table because you have had to be involved in so many of the stages of getting it there! I do need to get out a bit more, I think I will leave a good 30-45 minutes early for the afternoon school pick up and go for a decent walk rather than just the 10 minute walk straight to school. The fresh air and exercise will be good for my physical and mental wellbeing.


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