The Postman cometh!

The generosity and kindness of blog-land landed on my doorstep this morning!


My prize from the giveaway by Louise at Welsh Dreams, Now Reality !

What a lovely prize, the summer should see me having a go at some of the patterns, and I will show results!

The yellow ribbon (which I photographed the wrong way up – duh!) is tape measure ribbon which is really lovely too!

Thank you Louise – I love my prize.    What a nice way to go in to the weekend.

I hope you have all had a good week and have a weekend planned that suits your wants and needs.

This week  I have finished the first sock of my pink pair which I am knitting and made a good start on the second.   But will confess to not having sewn up Flo’s cardigan yet.   This weekend, I must!

I think my OH has realised that I am a bit out of sorts this week and has just phoned to say that he has bought me a gift of love in the form of steak which he is going to cook me for my dinner tonight – yum!

Until tomorrow…



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