Out of the mouths of babes…

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the working  week has started well for you.

Yesterday my daughter and husband gave me a lovely Mother’s Day.

In the morning Flo came with me to place flowers on the grave of my parents for Mother’s Day.  She gave me a big hug after we had placed the flowers and said ‘ you can have a little cry if you want to mummy, I’ll look after you’ – very sweet.   And then said, very seriously ‘when you are dead I will bring my children to see your grave at least once a month!’.  Which quickly dispelled any misty-eyed teariness and  had me desperately trying not to laugh!

I had two lovely cards from Flo (one handmade and the other bought) some lovely flowers (placed in front of our hideous fire to try and hide it a little!), a bottle of Prosecco (blame Andy Murray for the fact that I made short work of that during the afternoon!) and one of the new Ladybird books:


Courtesy of my  new Ladybird book I now have my next crafting project planned:


Empty cotton reels and wine bottle corks – I think I can rustle up some of that!

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes…

  1. I spied those books at Christmas and had a jolly time chortling away at ‘The Husband – how it works’!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day, despite the sadness. Little Flo certainly knew how to make you smile :O)
    Ah, the perfect excuse to quaff a few bottles of wine … needed for craft project! ha ha ha! ;o) x


    1. I might have to seek out ‘The Husband’ one for Father’s Day.

      Flo was a sweetheart yesterday and I now know that, when the time comes, I wont be left in a neglected grave because she will come (with children) to visit me regularly!

      It is the perfect craft project and I am very happy to share the idea!! x


  2. Sounds like you’re Mother’s Day was perfect, and at least you can rest easy knowing that when you are officially resting easy, Flo will be visiting every month haha. They say the funniest things don’t they. Thomas quite often tells us how he’s dividing our assets up after we’ve gone and who will be getting what.

    I’ve not seen those Ladybird books, but I’m going to look out for the Husband one. They look really funny. Will have to remember it for Mark’s birthday this year. xx


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