Head – brick wall (bang bang)

Lots of  marking to do this week.

Do students not realise tutors can google too? Do they not also realise that if they try to pass off the work of internationally recognised scholars as their own we can spot it?

Today I have come across one of the worst cases of plagiarism I have ever seen.

Time has been consumed by dealing with this and it is not finished yet.

Why oh why do people risk their entire course of study by being so foolish?

I am not sure whether to be angry or sad to be honest.  Disappointed is a given!


11 thoughts on “Head – brick wall (bang bang)

  1. Oh no! What a nightmare! I’m sick of saying to my Y6 that they are NOT to use Wikipedia for research and they are absolutely NOT allowed to copy and paste yet they still think they’ll get away with
    ( latest project on digestion ) talking about mitochondria!!!!!
    I asked the wee soul what a mitochondria is! Ummmm errrrrr ummmm was the reply!!
    By the way I was only looking for
    Chewing – saliva
    Stomach – acid
    Intestines and waste!!


  2. They’re just so used to having information at their fingertips these days, it probably doesn’t cross their minds that everybody else has that luxury too and it’s easy to check up on what they’ve written.

    In my day, (although I’m only talking primary/early secondary) any research and it was a long walk to the library, a good search along the shelves and even if it was just copied word for word, we were at least writing it out! You’d think they’d have the time and sense to at least re-jig what’s taken them seconds to copy and paste haha. xx


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