A quick catch-up

Not a lot to report this week.  It is my marking week so time has been mostly spent doing that – and spotting serious plagiarism (see previous post).

That is all done and dusted now and tomorrow I am hoping to finish up some knitting stuff (yes THAT cardigan is still not sewn up!).

Recent reads:


I finished these two books this week.   The book on The Bletchley Girls was okay – it could have done with much tighter editing, the content was good but it was chaotic in the way it had been put together and the writing wasn’t great.  I enjoyed learning what I did from it but it was, quite often, an exasperating read because of the way it was written.,

The book on Darwin was focused on his approach to the death of one of his children,  Annie at the age of 10 and how his scientific thinking influenced his response and how her illness and death influenced his scientific thinking.  Well written, and the way both Darwin and his wife coped with the death of their child was so moving and so dignified.  I know, of course, that child mortality was very common in the nineteenth century so the death of a child was not unusual but if a child got past the early infancy stage then their prospects did improve.

Back tomorrow with some finished knitting – I am confident…(really I am…).  Absolutely certain it will be all sewn up… No doubt about it….





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