The cardigan of procrastination

The cardigan (for Flo) that I started weeks ago, and finished knitting the best part of two weeks ago, has finally been sewn up!

It needs another press but I finished sewing it up when Flo got back from school and she was keen to try it on as soon as I had put the button on.


Ta dah!   Can’t think why it took me so long to get round to sewing it up.   Now to decide what to knit next…

Oh, I have got some socks to sew up so I must get them done first.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “The cardigan of procrastination

  1. That’s really lovely, and such a pretty colour. I used to love getting up in the morning as a child to find that my Mum had finished her latest creation and it was all sewn up and pressed ready for me to wear.


  2. It’s lovely. The sleeves would be a perfect length for me as I don’t like anything around my wrists. I totally agree with Sadie, Flo’s hair colour is beautiful. Love her little pose in the last picture. xx


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