Walk like an Egyptian…

At school this term Flo’s topic has been Ancient Egypt and the children were all told they could come in to school today dressed as Egyptians.

I think I have mentioned elsewhere Flo’s sensitivity to fabric and bought fancy dress costumes just don’t work for her as the fabric is usually very cheap and nasty and she hates it next to her skin, so I always have to make any fancy dress costumes.  Which I don’t mind!

This was a really simple make.   I bought some soft white stretch fabric and made a basic t-shirt shaped dress and then just added some embellishments with ribbon and trim from the haberdashers.   The amulet she made herself, at school, with salt dough.  It had been threaded on to string so I replaced the string with gold coloured ribbon to match some of the trim.  The ‘belt’ was also trim from the haberdashers which I had planned on stitching to the dress in some way but decided it looked much better tied as a belt.


This took about an hour on Saturday afternoon – to cut out the fabric and sew up the dress and about half an hour on Sunday morning to sew the trim on the neckline and sleeves.  She insisted that as she was going to school she had to have her hair in her usual school plait so there was enough left from the sleeve trim to make a little headband and instead of her usual blue hair bands on her plait we used gold coloured ones and I threaded some gold ribbon through the plait too.

She was pleased with the overall look and I was pleased that it was so easy to do!

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…




8 thoughts on “Walk like an Egyptian…

    1. Thank you! The fabric is always so cheap and scratchy isn’t it. But I guess as they seem to sell these costume so cheaply it is never going to be good quality fabric. And it isn’t really a problem as I do quite like making up costumes for her, when needed.


  1. What a fab costume and what a beautiful little Egyptian. Love the fact they made something at school as well. There seems to be a little group of bloggy mums with children who are sensitive to how fabric feels, myself included. Hope Flo enjoyed her day, did they do anything fun in class?


    1. Thank you! They made clay bricks (costume wasn’t quite so white by the time she got home!), made some Egyptian food, learnt to write their names in hieroglyphics, and a few other things she said which I can’t remember. It was all great fun apparently. And she stayed in her costume at home until it was time for bath and bed.


    1. A little bit of soaking and the brick clay came away – she did say she wanted to wear it on Easter Sunday?! I am not sure where she is going with Ancient Egyptians and Easter Sunday but she’s 8 so often looking for logic or connections is a big mistake!


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