Nostalgia purchase

On Saturday we popped to Wellington (best medium sized town in the south west sayeth the town sign).

We had a mooch about the charity shops and found a little junkyard / reclamation yard off down a little alley way.   I walked in to one of the corners of the large shed/out building and was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a laundry bin.

I realise it sounds rather odd to be affected so much by the sight of a laundry bin but this one was identical to the one in my parents house and that my mum had right up until her death in the nursing home.   When she died it was amongst the items of furniture that we asked the nursing home if they could make use of (we obviously took all her personal stuff – there wasn’t much of this as most of it had been sorted and divided between the family when she left the family home to go in the nursing home).

I don’t know if it is the same one – there is a chance, the place we found it was only 12 miles away from the nursing home where my mother died.  But the likelihood is that hundreds of these were made.  They were made locally but hardly bespoke pieces.  The one on Saturday was marked at £5.   I dithered for a while – not over the cost, that was neither here nor there – but over, if I was buying it – why?   And then I bought it.   I don’t need it, there is a laundry bin in our bedroom and Flo has her own.   But I knew if I left it I would be sorry.

So it is now in the hallway because it needs some work – cleaning and painting, it is in perfect condition otherwise.   I need to decide what colour to paint it and then which bedroom it goes in and which one of our current laundry bins we send to the charity shop.

Here it is – the colours are pretty ghastly but my mother lived with the colour for over 40 years so…




What colour I paint it depends very much on which room it goes in.   Another thing to add to the list of things I want to paint/revamp.  The list is getting rather long but now the weather seems to be improving getting some painting done outside (there really isn’t the space inside) is looking more likely.

What nostalgic purchases have any of you made – I would love to hear some stories.

Until tomorrow…





10 thoughts on “Nostalgia purchase

  1. I’d like to think it was your Mums. Even though hundreds were made I bet there aren’t many left and the with the proximity of the home being so close, there’s a good chance it is. What a lovely find. You’ll have to show it to us again when you’ve spruced it up. xx


  2. Fabulous!! I hope you enjoy renovating and using it! I had a similar Lloyd loom style bedside table/cupboard as a child – different than your laundry hamper, but the same type of materials – and I have never seen another since, no idea what happened to it. I wouldn’t buy one if I saw it now, but I would dither too! xx


  3. Isn’t it funny how things just stop you in your tracks. I’m so glad you bought it and brought it home .. I was a bit worried as I read down that you’d leave it!! I think it’d look lovely painted and I’d be tempted to use it as a bedding box or stash storer rather than fill it with dirty smalls!


  4. It would be lovely to think that it was your Mum’s. I bought a bedding box from auction for £2 that was in the same colourway. It looked much better when painted white and given a patchwork top. It was a gift for my elder daughter who loved it – she has it in her spare room and it provides extra storage.


    1. Once this one has had a makeover I am thinking (thanks to a suggestion made on here) of using it for wool stash storage, there is space behind the door in the dining room so that is where I think it will live. I will probably paint it over the Easter holiday. After seeing your makeover I want to do something with the top – other than just painting it – so I need to have a think about that!


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