Extreme knitting

I now have what I need to start my extreme knitting challenge.


The broom handle needs to  be cut in half and one end of each half whittled and then sanded in to a knitting needle point.  I am planning on using 13 strands of yarn and plain knit stitch to make rugs for either side of the  bed.   We have a pale pink, pale green and white/cream colour scheme so I have got yarn in various shades of pink, green and some white, cream and oatmeal which hopefully will blend well together.

If it looks terrible then I guess I will unpick it and use the yarn to make thick winter socks – a lot of thick winter socks!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…




4 thoughts on “Extreme knitting

  1. Oh, I really can’t wait to see this project. Is knitting with broom handles something you’ve come up with yourself? It all sounds great fun. You’ll have to get Flo to take some action shots of you doing it. xx


    1. I can’t take credit for it – we were at the library the other week and they had a chair in the corner of one of the small reading areas with a ‘come and have a go’ thing going on and that is where I got the idea. They had the broom handle needles and 15 balls of yarn with about 20 stitches on the row – I managed 3 rows before my arms started to ache! I see this as a project that might take a while!


  2. Ahhhhhh, I’m reading your blog backwards!! You are knitting rugs! How fabulous! I might get a broom handle and try it! It’d certainly make a large hole in my stash!!!! I don’t know if you read my blog when I blogged my stash! It covered my superking size bed fully!!!!


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