Learning a new skill

We’ve bought a piano…

I have wanted to learn to play the piano for years (as a child I played the recorder – who didn’t! – and the classical guitar to a fairly high level but gave this up as a teenager).  The piano has been one of my ‘wants’ for many years.


We bought it from a small independent music shop recently and it was delivered the other night.   I hasten to add that it is not just for me, Flo wants to learn too and we will probably start her with lessons in September, she can do these at school.

In the meantime we are starting off with the basics:


And just as the piano is not just for me, the book is not just for Flo.  I am using it too. I figure the older you are the harder it is to learn a new skill so I should start with the simplest way forward!   I am popping in to town shortly to pick up a manuscript pad as I think that writing out the notes will help me to learn them so that I can, in due course, sight-read the music as I learn to play.

I really think there is difference in how quickly you learn depending on age.   I have plodded through learning the first couple of notes this book teaches you, Flo can already play Jingle Bells – oh for a sponge like 8 year old brain!

Until tomorrow…





6 thoughts on “Learning a new skill

  1. oh good luck. My MIL can play the piano, while I have no interest in learning myself, I admire anyone who can. It’s a fine talent to have. And good for Flo starting so young too :O) x


  2. Love that you have a piano. I had lessons when I was younger and like Flo I picked it up really quickly, but I wouldn’t be able to play now. I bet you’ll both have loads of fun learning together. I’m glad I bought the flute. It works the brain and there’s nothing nicer than being able to play a tune (although I use the term ‘play’ very loosely). I need a basic tunes book as well. It’s on my list of things to buy but I keep forgetting. xx


  3. We paid for Miss 21 to learn the piano and sh was getting quite good, but then her piano teacher retired who also happened to be a lady from church who didn’t charge us the going rate. We were pretty skint then so couldn’t afford to carry on. But she has her keyboard and the basics and she has always said she might take it up again! I can play the guitar, trumpet and of course the recorder!


    1. I think it is a lovely skill to have. My husband plays the guitar a lot and I have a little go now and then but it was such a long time ago that I played one. Trumpet! Did you learn that as a child and how much did your parents love it??!!! x


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