Weekend wood whittling

I do like an alliterative title!

I have ‘made’ my big needles for my extreme knitting project.

I found a set a wood carving tools I bought some years ago (for what I cannot remember as I have never used them) and whittled for all I was worth.   The broom handle had been sawn in half and away I went with my whittling tools and then a final rub with some sandpaper and – ta dah!:


I am hoping to cast on tomorrow night – I have got some newly knitted socks to sew up tonight.

Other than that I spent yesterday doing some OU teaching and today relaxing with OH and Flo (and whittling!).

We have some nice spring flowers in the house – lovely tulips from Lidl this week and a few daffodils.


Some of my Mother’s Day roses still had a few days left in them so I have cut them right down and they are on my dressing table.


I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow.






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