The socks of many colours…

Well, to be honest, that’s a bit of a stretch.

But I have progressed on to socks of two colours rather than just one!


I am ridiculously pleased with these.    I have linked to the original pattern before but I will do it again here:

And you can see how I have adapted it – done the starting rib, the toe shaping and the heel shaping in a different colour.

I am now thinking of other colour combinations I might do!

But for now I am off to try and cast on some stitches for my extreme knitting project and watch The Walking Dead – zombies and giant knitting needles, what more does a girl need on a Monday night?

And, of course, I am now ready for a zombie apocalypse as I can use my giant knitting needles to drive through the heads of any zombies who come my way – sorted!




10 thoughts on “The socks of many colours…

    1. Thank you. What an upsetting episode, I really liked Denise. She was becoming one of my favourite characters. With the season finale coming up in 2 weeks I am worried about Carol – they can’t kill off Carol can they?


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