It’s hard work!

My extreme knitting project is underway and it is quite hard work.

As you know I have got the needles:


Whittled and sanded by my own fair hands.  Last night I managed to cast on and do three rows and today I did another two rows (and I will do some more before bed).  This is it so far:


The yarn is a mixture of greens, pinks, whites and creams to match the bedroom colours of pale pink and pale green.   I am not sure about it yet, I need to do more but it is super soft and squishy and I feel one of these either side of the bed would be super comfortable and cosy on cold winter mornings before you get your slippers on!

I am using 13 strands of yarn and trying to manage all those balls of yarn is a bit like expecting a bag of cats to behave.  I have, in theory, got the yarn nestling in a nice square storage box by the side of my chair but every time I pull on the wool for some slack at least  3 or 4 escape from the box and I have to chase them round the floor and put them back.  I think this is why it is such slow work and the fact that the needles, being so long, mean adopting a rather odd posture to be able to manage them and are quite awkward to hold!

However, at the moment the farcical nature of the project makes me laugh rather than get impatient so I am actually having fun with it.

I hope you have all had a good day.

Until tomorrow.  (Which has been designated Operation Easter Makeover Day by Flo which I think means she wants to put some Easter decorations up!)



10 thoughts on “It’s hard work!

  1. Well this is a project that’s certainly worth blogging about. Makes my teddies and string art look quite tame lol. I can’t begin to imagine having 13 balls of wool on the go but it does look great fun. Even though you can only do a few rows at a time it’ll certainly grow quickly! xx


    1. Ball control is proving to be a challenge! I will do updates as it grows – not everyday, that would get very tedious for people reading – but I am having fun with the overall project.


  2. I love this project though. From whittling your own jumbo needles to trying to knit with them! I still think you should be making a giant jumper or giant socks though! ;o) Have fun Easter decorating x


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