Nothing subtle here…

We have Easter-fied the house!

We have an Easter Egg tree in the dining room (surrounded by Easter tealight holders):


And there is another one of these in front on the hearth in the sitting room.

We have bunnies on the window sill:


And Flo particularly wanted to do chicks in a nest (we have two of these on the mantle):


I think some of these chicks might have had too much Easter tipple.

Flo is very happy with the Easter decorations and I can see how it is now going to become a ‘thing’ that we have to do each year.

I am now off to arm wrestle with my monster knitting.

I hope you have all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Nothing subtle here…

  1. Ah yes, we have some of those chicks who have trouble standing up too, we also have one who is prone to flinging itself on the floor all the time too! They are so cute though you have to forgive them don’t you. Lovely decorations! xx


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