And so it grows…

I spent most of yesterday evening untangling yarn – – 13 balls of yarn on the go at once is, I have now discovered, a recipe for tangles.

However, there has been progress:


I will, hopefully, get a few rows done this evening.

I think the trick to avoiding tangles in the yarn is to make sure I don’t have too much slack on the yarn but I can’t help feeling there are some more untangling evenings ahead as 13 balls are really quite a lot to keep in order!

The Easter weekend is  nearly upon us.  We are mostly having quite time at home but are going to visit friends on Saturday for the day..    The school holidays then follow for 2 weeks and we have an assortment of things planned.  Days out with friends, friends from our old village coming down for a visit and some projects around the house (hopefully).  Not any DIY type projects, more painting of small bits of furniture, if I get around to it.

I hope you all have the Easter break that you most wish for.  I am not sure I will post over the Easter weekend as I think blogs can have Bank Holidays too!

Until early next week, have a lovely long weekend…



10 thoughts on “And so it grows…

  1. I don’t know if you have 2 Litre pop (fizzy drink) bottles where you are. They work great for keeping yarn from tangling. After cleaning them, cut them in half, put you yarn in and run the yarn up through the top of the bottle. Usually I use a bit of tape to keep the parts together. You can use any item that has a way for the yarn to feed out. Not sure this is very clear.


  2. The more I read ( and just been showing and telling the HG ) the more I want to have a go!! If I ask, he’ll whittle me a broom handle!! I think I’d make some of those can shaped ball holders first that you pop your balls of wool in and the strand feeds out of a little hole in the top!


  3. The rug is coming along a treat isn’t it and I really do like those colours. Sounds like you have a lovely few days ahead of you. Hope you all Have a lovely Easter. Xx


  4. Hmmm I thought I’d left a comment! I can’t have pressed publish! Blooming tech. Anyway I am now itching to have a go at knitting a rug! Am priming the HG to get me a broom handle! I’ve loads of wool already ! He did say perhaps I should finish the other 75 projects I’ve got on the go first! How rude of him!!


    1. You did but I just hadn’t logged on for over a day to let comments through – sorry! I have to confess I have started another much smaller project because the big needles and 13 balls of yarn are hard going so I only do 3 or 4 rows at a time and I needed something lighter to be able to pick up and put down. My OH did comment about finishing one thing before starting another – he wasn’t being serious, just a joke at me as I am always on at him for having 3 or 4 books on the go at the same time!


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