I am still knitting up a storm!

Well, I’m still knitting…

The extreme knitting rug is growing:


But it is hard work so I only do a few rows each night (yes I am a wimp!).

I have also started another knitting project – another cardigan for Flo, this time a sparkly one:


Yesterday Flo and I popped in to Taunton as I had a bit of shopping to do and I suggested we try and get her some spring/summer clothes.   She has some stuff from last year that still fits but not very much as most of her clothes last spring and summer were those that still fitted from the year before!

We were in Debenhams and I had selected a dress, a pair of trousers and a skirt for her which she said she liked and we were heading towards the till when she stopped and said ‘I like that dress’ and selected one off one of the rails that I hadn’t noticed.  It was, indeed, very nice, pretty without being impractical and a good choice so I added it to our selection.  This was the first time she had selected something herself.  For the last few years I have always selected things and checked she liked them before buying her anything but this was her first, spontaneous ‘I like that’ moment in a clothes shop.   My little girl is growing up!

I will treasure the moment as a significant one in her growing up but I also realise that it  means the mother/daughter ‘you are NOT wearing that!’ arguments, whilst not imminent, are now, probably, on the distant horizon!

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Progress

    1. It is. She didn’t go so far as to say she would spend her own money on the dress (as we were on our way to The Entertainer so she could spend her saved up pocket money and some birthday money on a huge box of Lego!) but it was a moment!


  1. gorgeous knitting.
    I miss the days when Violet would just wear what I dressed her in. Now she’s full of mouth and opinion. Which is great, but blimey, so annoying.
    She will not wear:
    anything with buttons (think she inherited a button dislike from me)
    jeans – skinny, straight, strawberry printed (even though the liar said she would)
    warm jumpers
    socks unless it’s a school day and she has no choice
    clothes during weekend/school hols, she prefers to slob around in jim jams

    so while it is a significant and wonderful moment when your daughter develops her own tastes, likes, and dislikes, it’s also amazingly irritating!

    brace yourself! ;o) x


    1. That is a lot of things not to wear! I am imagining lots of Sadie/Violet stand-offs in clothes shops! I still kid myself I’ll be wrangling Flo in to hand knitted jumpers when she is a teenager – I know, I know, not a chance but a keen knitter can dream… Flo isn’t that fond of jeans, I think the fabric is generally too hard and the heavy seams etc seem to have the same kind of effect on her as the fabric in cheap fancy dress outfits. She does wear leggings though (she would always rather be in a skirt or dress) but there are days when leggings and a long jumper and boots are the necessary option. x


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