For some time now I have been wanting to read the diaries of Nella Last.

I only discovered her story through the wonderful Housewife 49 written by and starring Victoria Wood.

I have been looking out for the diaries (second hand) for a while and perversely found then in reverse order!

However I managed to find the first volume just the other week and read it over the Easter weekend and it was as fascinating, poignant and funny as I had hoped.


It is beautifully written and encapsulates so well how liberating the war was for many women.  Obviously the worry over sons, friends, neighbours etc was real and often paralysing and deeply saddening but Nella writes with real passion about how she enjoys the freedom from domestic tyranny which the war brought about for her, and many other women.   The realisation of how she needs to be more than a domestic drudge to her husband is one of the most powerful aspects of the book.   There is also great humour in the book.

I am now looking forward to reading the 2 vols of post-war diaries.

We are off to Hestercombe Gardens with friends today.  The sun is shining (although it is a bit chilly) so a perfect day for a nice walk.

Until tomorrow…



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