Murder, mayhem and mystery…

Well it turns out it wasn’t murder in the Archers as Rob lives…

I guess it would have been manslaughter rather than murder anyway but even though Rob lives, for now, there is no denying that Helen is in a bit of a pickle.

And we have just seen the season six finale of The Walking Dead  and have been introduced to Negan and Lucille, I give you … Lucille…:

Yes, Lucille (d0n’t take your love to town) is a barbed wire covered baseball bat.  Negan is bad-ass and at the end of the programme tonight someone died, we have to wait until October to find out who, but it was someone we have got to know and become fond of.

But this entire blog post counts for nothing if you don’t listen to The Archers or watch The Walking Dead.

I would like to say that you should do both but if I am honest I listen to the Archers out of habit, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an episode.

But you really should get in to The Walking Dead…

Until tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Murder, mayhem and mystery…

    1. I do! I love to hate the Archers and I love The Walking Dead and I do like to imagine how I would cope in the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse: would I turn badass and be a survivor or would I get munched within days?!!


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