Binge reading

Is what I am doing at the  moment.

I mentioned the other day that I had finally got hold of all three volumes of the Nella Last (Housewife 49) diaries and had read the first volume and enjoyed it very much.

I had planned to alternate these diaries with other reading but I am so enjoying them that I plunged straight in to volume 2:


The cover to this volume is all wrong as Nella Last did not live in a terraced street but was reasonably comfortable financially and had ‘help’ with the domestic chores as we read, often, about the different women she employed as dailies.

That aside it is an interesting read, she does have a very comfortable writing style and the post-war austerity is interesting socio-historical information given through the eyes of a very ordinary woman living a very ordinary life.

Her relationship with her husband is fascinating and a little tragic, she clearly loves him but struggles with feelings of anger and frustration at his anti-social. borderline reclusive, ways.    And she clearly misses the female camaraderie that she enjoyed with the WVS during the war.

I hope you are all having a good week.  For the last couple of days we have had friends, from our old village, visiting (my very good friend and her two children, one of whom was at school with Flo) and OH was away with work for a couple of days.  Flo and I took our friends to Hestercombe as they had not visited it before and even though Flo was only there a few days earlier she, and they, all had a great time.  It is a lovely place for children to run around and play, there was more walking in the stream, paddling in small ponds, wellies filled with water and three very soggy, muddy, tired but very happy children.

OH is now back and the friends have returned home so OH, Flo and I will be having a day out together.   The plan is to head to Minehead where, apparently, the harbour is quite nice and we can have a walk along the beach.

Have a good day.  Until tomorrow…




6 thoughts on “Binge reading

  1. I discovered Nella Last about 20 years ago and reread it and the subsequent books often. I have a long-standing fascination with the WW2 homefront and a collection of original women’s magazines, knitting patterns and cook books from the period and,of course, dvds and books such as Wartime Kitchen and Garden, 1940s house, etc. We lived in Barrow for over 2 years at the end of the 1980s so I recognise a lot of place names in the Nella Last books. I’ve read other diaries (currently reading Mrs Milburn’s Diaries) but Nella’s is my favourite. Enjoy your binge reading. Love Helen xx


    1. It is a fascinating period and recent enough to feel connected to. The original magazines and knitting patterns you have a collection of sound like a wonderful resource. I certainly want to read more about the period. x


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