RNLI and Minehead

We took ourselves off to Minehead yesterday.

There was quite a lot of rain while we were driving there but luckily it stopped by the time we arrived and stayed dry (if VERY windy) for the rest of the day.

We walked quite a way along the coastal path and got quite a nice walk on the beach in as well.

While we were there we visited the RNLI lifeboat station.

As a family we  have particular reason to be very grateful to the RNLI as one of OH’s nephews was rescued by them a couple of years ago.

He and a friend were having a day at the beach (I don’t want to say where out of respect for the privacy of others, the reason for which will become apparent shortly).  It was late summer, middle of a fine day and they went for a swim.  There were lots of other people in the water.  They were two sensible lads, having a good day at the beach, playing ball games and swimming.  It wasn’t a boozy lads day out, there was no alcohol involved, they were planning to be driving home.   They swam out a bit too far and got in to trouble.   People further in and on the beach saw they were in trouble, some men  swam out to try and help and also got in to trouble, people on the beach contacted the emergency services.   OH’s nephew at one point had hold of his friend, who was struggling even more than him, but the current pulled his friend away, one of the men who had swam in to help got hold of his friend but couldn’t hold on to him either.   Nephew and man who was trying to help lost sight of the friend.  The lifeboat arrived rescued nephew and the man who had swam out.   Other boats arrived, the rescue helicopter was scrambled but the friend was lost.   His body was recovered some days later.

So, as a family we make a yearly donation to the RNLI and when we were visiting the lifeboat station yesterday we put some extra money in the collection box.  The history of the Minehead lifeboat service was all around the station and it was a fascinating visit.   Lots of stories of rescues to read, stories of some of the people who have volunteered over the years and, of course, the very impressive and high tec kit on display.

I also picked up a few things in the shop:


A very nice little shopping bag, some note cards (I always like to keep a supply of notecards in as they are handy to have as little thank you cards), a notebook (just because I like notebooks and use a lot of them) and a new address and birthday book (my old one is full of scraps of paper with addresses scribbled on, so many of the addresses that were written in have been updated so many times, so a new one to bring order to correspondence information is long overdue).

So a few nice purchases for a very worthwhile cause.

All in all it was a great day out and Flo was practically cross-eyed with tiredness by the time she went to bed!

Until tomorrow…




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