I knit, I conquer!

Nothing like over-selling a bit of knitting is there?

I have been (wo)manhandling the hand whittled giant knitting needles and produced my first extreme knitting floor rug:


This photograph was taking in the hallway which isn’t where the rug is actually going to live but was easiest for photographing it.   The bottom does lay straight I just didn’t do a very good job of lying it out before taking the photograph!

The obligatory close up:


OH suggested the tassels on each end.   Turns out he’s a tassel man … who knew…

Some details about the make should anyone be interested:   This used 13 balls of DK yarn knitted together.   I cast on 30 stitches and knitted 42 rows before casting off.  This gives a length of 50 inches (not including the tassels) and a width of 26 inches.  As you know I made the needles from a broom handle.

Moving on, after three busy days out and about yesterday was a day at home getting jobs done. Great day, weather-wise, for getting lots of washing done.   Managed to get a small pile of mending done that had been waiting a while and some general tidying and cleaning.

I had some left over chicken to do something with after roast chicken dinner the other day so cooked some chopped bacon and mushrooms to pad out the chicken and made two pies for the freezer.   With a little bit of left-over pastry I made a jam roll with some of last year’s homemade windfall jam (blackberry and apple).  We had that for pudding after tuna salad last night.


We are off out now to meet up with some friends for lunch at their house and then out somewhere this afternoon.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…




8 thoughts on “I knit, I conquer!

  1. Your rug looks fantastic!!! Well done you for the broomstick and all that yarn wrangling! I misread the bit about the jam roll and tuna for dinner, I thought you said you had it with tuna! I realised I was wrong and read it again and of course you didn’t do that, but just for a moment! My silly reading too quickly! xx


  2. wow, that is so good. I salute you. For your determination, and talent at both whittling giant needles and knitting with them.

    that’s talent. right there.
    :O) x


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