The last Last

I finished the third and final volume of Nella Last’s diaries on Thursday.


Life is still post-war tough with shortages and rationing.   Nella’s husband also retires and the cracks in the marriage really show at this stage.  It seems as if her husband has quite deep rooted psychological problems (possibly PTSD from WW1) and having him underfoot all the time is very trying for Nella as they have, now, very little in common.

There is still a lot of joy and humour in the writing however.

I haven’t listed a menu plan here for a while, so the coming week should see:

Today:   Halloumi, falafels, tabbouleh and salad

Sunday:  Homemade chicken pie (from the freezer) potatoes, vegetables and gravy

Monday:  Roasted veg and brown rice gratin

Tuesday:  Pasta with vegetable and tomato sauce

Wednesday:  Chickpea and spinach curry with homemade flat breads

Thursday:   Tuna steak, noodles and baby sweetcorn, mange tout

Friday:  Homemade fish and chip night.

I am planning on spending a bit of time this afternoon making some bath treats for myself.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…




6 thoughts on “The last Last

  1. I absolutely loved the Nella Last books. Felt like I’d lost a friend when I finished reading them. Watching Housewife 49, her husband comes across as a grumpy old so and so, but reading the books I also wondered if he was suffering from some sort of PTSD. It’s a while since I’ve read them but I’m sure I thought her sons were a bit selfish as well, although I could be thinking of another book. My memory isn’t what it used to be. xx


    1. I think that her husband has significant psychological problems really becomes apparent in the post war volumes, especially after he has retired. I think you are right in the first volume (which is the focus of VW’s Housewife 49) it does come across more as grumpiness.


  2. love a good book, or even better, a good series of books. when I’m in the mood to read something I got for books I know I’ll get through quickly, and are light and fluffy, nothing too involved. For me, that’s Debbie Macomber novels. Very easy to read, and I can usually pick them up in The Works for £1 or two. I’ve got two that I bought on New Year’s Eve, reading how you are loving your books makes me want to pick them up. Think I’ll do that
    :O) x


      1. oh, I should have mentioned that! Her books tell the tales of people – mainly who own their own shops – and knitting/knitting shops feature heavily. I think you’d enjoy them very much. Not heavy going, very light & fluffy, but just lovely to read :O) x


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