A knotty problem

Don’t you just hate it when yarn is rubbish?

I started on this knit for Flo a week or so ago:


And it hasn’t grown much because the yarn is so horrible to work with.

The yarn splits and bunches and in half a ball I have had to deal with 4 knots already.  The yarn is King Cole galaxy double knit.   Maybe I have just been unlucky with a duff ball of yarn or maybe it is just terrible yarn.   If anyone else has used this yarn then I would be interested to hear if you had similar problems.

Flo loves the look of the cardigan and loves the purple and black thing that this yarn has going on so I really should persevere with it.

I like the style of the cardigan and once I get it done with this yarn I might try it with some other DK yarn.   The pattern can be adapted to a round neck front and long sleeves so it is a good pattern but the recommended yarn, thus far, is horrible to work with.

Other than that all is quite here, Flo goes back to school on Wednesday so we are having a quiet couple of days now and then I have got lots to get on with as soon as school routine returns mid-week.

I  hope your week has started well.

Until tomorrow…




4 thoughts on “A knotty problem

  1. It looks really lovely but what a disappointment to find that the yarn is such a pain to work with. I’ve never used King Cole but I have heard good reviews of their yarn so perhaps the problem is just with this particular type. Hope you enjoy your last couple of days with Flo before she’s back at school.


    1. As you say maybe it is just this particular type or just one bad ball, I’ll see how it is when I start the second ball. The yarn does look nice when knitted up so is worth sticking with, I think! But I might not use it again if the three balls I need for this cardigan are all problematic.

      Flo is looking forward to going back to school to see her friends but she has given her verdict on this holiday as ‘brilliant’!


  2. Oh what a shame you’re struggling with the wool because it’s a beautiful knit. I struggle with cotton but only because I’m a tightwad and buy the cheap stuff because I don’t do much sewing. I’ve realised it doesn’t matter how much you do because when you are doing it, you need decent cotton haha. xx


    1. You are right, quality of materials really does make a difference. So far I think the knit looks better than it should considering the poor quality of the yarn, I will persevere for now and see how I get on. x


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