Frivolous gardening

At this time of year lots of blogs I love to read are posting about all the wonderful fruits and vegetables they are getting going in the garden.

I am planning some veg growing but need to get a wiggle on and get some seeds and get planting this weekend.

So far, however, I have only purchased the necessary for frivolous gardening:


Now I know gladioli are not everyone’s cup of tea but I do love them so I am going to grow some here this year – taste be damned!

Cornflowers are a real favourite of mine.  When I was very young (around 5 or 6 I guess, certainly before I was 10 which was when my father died) my dad gave me and my brother each a small patch of garden in which we could grow whatever we wanted.  This was a big deal really as my father was a serious vegetable grower and worked hard to keep us in veg(and some fruit) the year round.   We did have quite a big garden and there was an area of grass for playing and a small area with a slide, swing and climbing frame.  He got these for us because the nearest park to our house was really rough and not terribly safe.   But the rest was set aside for his vegetable growing, it was his thing.

My brother decided to grow parsley in his patch because he was going through a phase of wanting parsley sauce with everything.

I grew cornflowers, and they were beautiful and grew in abundance.   And my dad always told me he loved the splash of colour they added to the garden.   Ever since I have had a garden of my own I have always tried to grow a small patch of cornflowers in memory of a man who was happy to give over a small part of a busy working garden to a little girl who wanted pretty flowers to grow.

Until tomorrow…





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