Getting a little more serious

With the gardening…

Now I am not going to pretend that anything approaching self-sufficiency (in terms of veg growing) will be achieved here this summer.

But I am hopeful for some lettuce and tomatoes.


I also want to grow some spinach, peppers and perhaps some kale but Lidl (where I purchased the above this morning) did not have seeds for those items.

So my growing will be very small scale (but I am hoping to grow lots of tomatoes so I can make up some jars of tomato relish).

I think I will probably look to get some strawberry plants too so a trip to the garden centre this weekend is in order I think.

Other than that I should have a finished knitting project to show tomorrow.   Not the hideous yarn cardigan but something else that I have been using as a diversion tactic from the hideous yarn cardigan!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…




8 thoughts on “Getting a little more serious

  1. fabulous. Nothing nicer than picking your own salad from the garden. We grow spuds in large bags too, honestly, it’s like panning for gold! I love it. Most excited about my white pumpkins though, am really hoping they’ll do well this year, last year I didn’t have a single pumpkin! :O( x


    1. I am a few weeks behind in getting mine going but hopefully they will catch up. I always think tomatoes grown at home smell of tomatoes. Tomatoes bought in the supermarket don’t seem to smell of anything.


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