This time the needles were a bit smaller and there were not quite so many balls of yarn.

I have been meaning to make some cushion covers for a while.  At Christmas I bought two Christmas cushions:


And rather than pack the cushions away with all the Christmas decorations I simply removed the covers, packed those away, and the cushions have been on the small sofa in the bedroom since early January waiting for me to cover them.

After the extreme knitting rug on the broom handle needles I thought I might be fun to try something else with multiple balls of yarn and large(ish) needles.

I decided to knit a cover for the reindeer cushion.  I used  8mm needles – so large, but not lunatic, and five balls of yarn.   I used reds, an orange, dark brown and a French linen colour to tone in with the colour scheme of the sitting room.  I kept it simple, a straightforward long rectangle of knitting in plain garter stitch which I then sewed together top and bottom and it was long enough to overlap at the back for a simple envelope opening.

Five balls of yarn with 8mm needles gives quite a close knit, certainly much tighter than 13 balls of yarn and the broom handle needles but still with a bit of stretch.  This is the result:


A close-up:


I am pleased with this and it looks nice on the sofa.

Now I have to decide how to cover the square cushion.  I think I am going to go for a knit of some sort.  I was wondering about some super chunky yarn and a cable knit?  I have never done a cable knit but a straightforward piece with no shaping like a cushion cover might be an easy place to start.    Perhaps start of with a rib of an inch or so then a simple cable pattern, and a rib to close.   Envelope-close again at the back but perhaps with some big chunky buttons on the rib close for detail, so the close would actually be the front rather than the reverse of the cushion?   I hope that makes sense, I can see it in my mind’s eye but perhaps haven’t explained it too well.   Colour will be the next choice.   I will try to get to the yarn shop next week for some inspiration.  And get out my knitting books and learn how to cable!

I hope the week is going well for you all.

Until tomorrow…




6 thoughts on “Extreme(ish)…

  1. That’s lovely. The colours are just my cup of tea. I’ve never done a cable knit either, you’ll have to let us know if it’s easy enough to do or not. xx


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