Quantity not quality today…

That was my approach in my flower purchasing today when I did the weekly shop!

I do buy flowers most weeks but as I shop in Lidl I am able to do this without spending a fortune and I only get one or two bunches each week, £4-5 covers it (sometimes less if I still have plenty from the week before) and I get a good couple of weeks out of each bunch of flowers I buy as I change the water regularly and cut them down to extend their life.

That said I bought chrysanthemums today which I rarely buy as they are not my favourite flower but I still had daffs in the bathroom from last week, the one bunch of roses I bought last week (split in to two vases and padded out with greenery from the garden) were going to be cut down and would last another week so I decided on the neglected chrysanthemum today.

Purple ones, white ones, yellow ones (and the roses cut down)


So quantity rather than quality this week but I think that’s okay once in a while!

Menu plan for the week was decided this morning before I went to Lidl:

Today:   Vegetarian mousssaka, red cabbage and red onion coleslaw, potato wedges

Sunday:  Roast pork and all the usual

Monday:   Chick pea burgers, rice and salad

Tuesday:   Scone based pizza

Wednesday:  Caramelised onion and goats cheese flan

Thursday:  Tuna pasta salad (Flo’s favourite which we have once a week and is the deal for her eating meals on other evenings which are not her favourite food!)

Friday:  Home made chip supper night.

Other than that I am spending the weekend doing my OU marking as I am out at a school all next week.    I will try and get some sewing done tonight though.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow….




6 thoughts on “Quantity not quality today…

  1. colour blocking flowers – something else we have in common!
    I agree that sometimes you just want a lot of flowers in the house, doesn’t matter too much what they are.
    I have a max amount I will allow myself to spend on flowers during weekly shop, and that is £8. Came to that amount because it meant I could often manage to get 3 bunches for that (usually shop in Asda, but if I’m in Waitrose I’m lucky to get two). It also means if I want to choose a “luxury” bouquet then I was able to do that.

    Chrysanths are the only flower I won’t buy at this time of year. It’s one of my Ber month flowers, so from September – December I will buy them if I fancy some, but never in spring or summer. One of my ‘things’. I used to love them, but now I’m not a fan. Too many florists use them to pad out beautiful bouquets and it’s made me dislike them. Yep, I realise that makes me sound totally stupid, but I just got sick of them.

    Thank you so, so much for your comment yesterday. I try to keep my blog posts happy, and replies to comments non argumentative and jolly, but ooh, sometimes it isn’t easy! I appreciated your show of support :O) xxx


    1. I agree with what you say about florists using them to pad out beautiful bouquets. The supermarkets too. You often see beautiful bouquets of lilies and roses with 4 chrysanths stuck in and it ruins the whole arrangement.

      Even my husband expressed surprise when I came home with them yesterday ‘but you never buy those flowers, you say they are garage forecourt flowers’. I think they worked for me this week because I bought all chrysanths and a lot of them so they are working for me in bulk!! I think the reason I went off them is because they reminded me, for too long, of hospitals and nursing homes – two places my mother spent most of the last three years of her life – and visitors only seem to bring the sick and the elderly chrysanths! Why is that?! I used to make sure my mum had a continual supply of red carnations as these were the flowers she had in her wedding bouquet and she loved them.

      You are very welcome about yesterday, I meant all I said. Life would be oh so joyless if we couldn’t have a few small non-essential things that bring us a little bit of pleasure.


  2. It’s hard to kill Lidl flowers off isn’t it and considering they don’t cost that much to start with you always get your moneys worth out of them. I don’t mind Chrysanths, but I know what you mean. They are certainly over-used in boquets. I might have to pop round for tea on Monday! xx


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