Declaration of Intent!

What a pompous title – Declaration of Intent!

My thinking is, if I say it on here then I will have to stick to it.  So my declaration of intent is to stop looking for anything else to do rather than get on with the cardigan for Flo that I am knitting with yarn that has turned out to be really rather horrible to work with.


It has progressed from this photograph. I am now up to the arm shaping on the back but I have been looking for anything else to knit rather than get on with it.

I knitted the 5 strands of yarn cushion cover as an excuse not to get on with it and knitting the rug with needles made out of broom handles and 13 balls of yarn at once was more fun that knitting up this yarn.  But I will not cast on the next extreme knitting rug until I have finished this cardigan.   And I wont start any other projects until it is done either!

Declaration made.

Now I am off for some green tea DIY spa treatment.   I bought green tea in the past because I heard how wonderful it was and how it was supposed to be good for you but I simply have never acquired the taste for it.   However, I did read about how it can be used for skin care etc so I now buy it for that!

I have just made a big jug-full and most of it will be poured in to my bath water – it is supposed to be good for the skin.   I have kept some aside in a small bowl which I will use as a toner after cleansing my face and the tea bags will rest on my eyes while I soak in the bath.

Green tea spa night for me tonight.

I hope you have all had a good day and that the week has started well for you.

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “Declaration of Intent!

    1. Well I am not sure if I feel totally ‘spa’ wonderful but it cant have done any harm. I saw on your blog that you had made progress with the HG’s jumper but I’m getting the sense of it being a bit of a battle! Why do we give ourselves these projects!


    1. It is for that reason that I knit mostly for Flo – because she is young, things are small and don’t take too long. OH is very tall (6ft 5in) and so knitting things for him would take an age. I admire you knitting for HG.


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