‘Beat me on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly’

Just heard the news that Victoria Wood has died – what sad news.

Obviously a huge loss and terrible sadness for the family and close friends.

But so sad also to think that we will not get to see anything new from this wonderful writer.

As  my book choices recently showed I loved Housewife 49, and there are so many of her works that are among my firm favourites of things to watch.  I thought Dinner Ladies was hugely funny.    That Day We Sang was marvellous – a real treat last Christmas and the documentary about the making of it.

There seems to have been a disproportionate number of deaths so far this year of hugely talented people from the world of entertainment.   And these people do enhance our lives, they are not saving the world or curing terrible diseases but their work adds fun, pleasure and enjoyment to our lives and it is said when they go.



14 thoughts on “‘Beat me on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly’

  1. the loss of Victoria Wood has really made me sad. She was pure talent, amazingly funny, so observant. Her writing. So spot on, sharp, clever, funny.
    Oh, it’s a loss. My Saturday night routine lately has been McDonalds, then scuttle off to watch Dinner Ladies and Acorn Antiques on You Tube. I harboured secret hopes that she would either do a one off special of Dinner Ladies, or a new As seen on TV. Now she’s gone, and there is no one, NO ONE who can come close to her.

    And of course, a great actress too. Her turn as Sadie, Eric Morecambe’s mum was fabulous. Loved that so much.

    Life is a pile of plop sometimes :o( xx


  2. She was fantastic wasn’t she. Always made me laugh, definitely my sense of humour. And a great actress as well, I thought she was brilliant in Housewife 49. Very sad news. xx


  3. It is so sad. On the day of my dad’s funeral me and my sister we were able to have a joke with each other about “72 baps Connie, you slice I’ll spread”. I loved the Morecambe and Wise thing she directed, too and I could go on and on about the lines from Dinnerladies – find it hard to stand by a toaster without saying “coming to temp, my dad was a desert rat”. Such a talented woman.


    1. It really is sad. And, as you say, the lines that could be quoted go on and on. I don’t know what the boys upstairs are thinking at the moment but whoever is in charge of death is getting it so wrong.


  4. Yes very sad yesterday to hear this news. Have been reading through some of your archives and think you may be a long lost twin of mine in your likes and dislikes department! Jackie x


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