The feel of a book

My favourite novel is Middlemarch by George Eliot.

It is a novel I read once a year and it was one of the books I wrote about for my PhD.

The first copy I had of this novel was getting so tatty a couple of years ago that I bought myself a new edition:


You can see just how battered the old Penguin Classic is.  But whenever I have taught Middlemarch, after getting the new edition, I still take my Penguin classic along to the lectures and seminars I am giving as well as the Oxford World’s Classic because my old Penguin opens at all the right pages, all my annotations are in it and all my tags and Post-It notes are there.   It just feels right in my hands.

The ‘new’ edition is getting there.  I am making annotations with each reading (this edition has had four reads now) but, to be honest, it does still feel a bit too new when I pick it up. I am re-reading it at the moment but it will be a while before it feels as comfortable as the Penguin and when it does get to feel that comfortable it, too, will be too tatty to work with!

I think it is safe to say that I will never be an E-reader kind of girl!

What books do you have that just feel right in your hands?

Until tomorrow…

P.S. And today, Prince (RIP).   Someone needs to tell the boys upstairs ‘Enough Already’


8 thoughts on “The feel of a book

  1. That certainly is a well read book! I’m not one for re-reading books with the exception of two. To Kill A Mocking Bird and Wuthering Heights. In a way it’s not so much the story as when I pick either of them up I can be immediately transported back to certain times of my life. No kindle or e-reader or whatever is out there like that for me either. It has to be ‘the real thing’ in my hand. xx


  2. My paperback copy of Pride and Prejudice is the one that feels right to me. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read it, and like your copies of Middlemarch, it is full of annotations.


  3. I have a few books that I treasure that I have had for, ahem, several decades and they are in a state of falling apart, but like you I love them and treasure them and even if I got a newer edition, I would still keep the old one! I get it! xx


  4. a well worn book is like an old friend. I don’t have a Kindle and have no desire to have one. I’m sure they are great, but I need to hold a book, to smell the fresh pages of a new one, or the musty crumb covered pages of an old favourite :O) x


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