Yarn hell update and flowers

Today was supermarket shop day so I was in Lidl by 8.30am.


I did buy my usual couple of bunches of flowers:


The flowers from last week have been cut down and moved around and the roses from the week before have been cut down a bit more and should see another week out.

I have made progress with the cardigan that I am knitting with the awful yarn.

The back is now complete:


Just the two fronts to do and the sleeves (short).   I will plod on but never buy this yarn again.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.   A nice at home kind of day here.

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “Yarn hell update and flowers

  1. It’s looking good though. I am always full of admiration for anyone who can knit, and I know that wool – like cotton thread – has good and bad ones to work with. Good for you for ploughing on!

    Lovely flowers. I’ve just got back from Asda and bought yet more pink roses. They were reduced and are perfectly fine! :O) x


    1. Thank you. I am on the second ball now, about half way through it, and have already had four knots to deal with and make sure they can only be seen on the reverse!

      I saw the explosion of pink flowers on your blog, they looked lovely!


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