The colour purple

Not the book, (although it is a brilliant book) that would be The Colour Purple!  Not Prince – though his music was wonderful.  Purple food.

I remember reading many years ago about how the darker a fruit or vegetable the more nutritious it was and try to keep this in mind as much as possible.   Of course a diet high in any fruit and veg is going to be better for us than one of very small amounts, whatever the colour.

There were also a couple of programmes on BBC1 a week or so ago about what we can do to maintain health and vitality as we age.  This programme came back to the colour of food (along with many other things) and the research does substantiate the fact that darker fruit and veg do contain more nutrients.  Especially purple food.  There was a purple sweet potato that is very popular in Japan and has been seen as being a significant contributor to longevity there.  Over here it is not see easy to get but purple foods such as red cabbages, aubergines, blueberries all have high levels of the same nutrient found in the Japanese sweet potato.

In light of this I have started making my favourite coleslaw again – ruby slaw (although why ruby as the colour is more amethyst than ruby!) which I make with finely chopped raw red onions and raw red cabbage:


The dressing is natural yogurt, seasoning and a little mayonnaise.

I used to make this all the time, some years ago, but got out of the habit. In the last couple of weeks it has been a firm fixture as a side dish.  OH enjoys it too and Flo has had a small amount each time I make it.

Roasted aubergines are a regular veg side dish here and blueberries are a daily fix for me and Flo, though not for OH.

I have no idea whether I am going to have a long and healthy life but eating the above can’t do any harm!

Until tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “The colour purple

  1. Good to know about this info! I love eggplants so I kind of feel good after reading your post. Haha! Anyway, thanks for sharing this recipe! It looks both healthy and tasty 🙂


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