One of those days

It has been one of those days that seem to defy any attempt at categorisation.

I feel like I have been having conversations all day but as I have been home alone all day that can only mean one thing – that I have been talking to myself and answering.   Do you ever have days like that?  When no one else needs to be in the room, you provide all the questions and the answers, and you get towards the latter part of the day feeling a little bit confused?

It has also been one of those days when I feel like I have been busy all day but I am not exactly sure what I have been doing that has taken so long.

Cleaning has been done, some emails have been dealt with.  There was work I needed to do that I didn’t seem to get close to, so that gets added to the things I have to do tomorrow.

I did find some time to exercise but as I dug out an old 10 minute boot camp DVD I was only exercising for 10 minutes so that didn’t take up too  much of the day.

Upshot is there are still three big things on my ‘to do list’ for today that are still ‘to – do’ and I have to pick Flo up from school in 35 minutes.

I know, the obvious thing would be to get on with one of those things rather than write this blog but…

My list for tomorrow is not too bad and there is also scope on Thursday for some catching up.

Oh, I also went to the post office which is in the village, in the little village shop and only around two corners from my house so that didn’t take long.

But, my goodness, the cost!   I had to get some documents in the post which needed to be somewhere by tomorrow 12 noon.  I only knew yesterday that I had to get them somewhere tomorrow so had to do the express post, guaranteed by 9am delivery service thing.  £20.00  – that is proper folding money!

I can only assume it will be carried in a golden carriage drawn by unicorns and taken out of the carriage and hand delivered by fairies.

So I haven’t mended anything today, haven’t made anything today and haven’t crafted anything today.

But you probably guessed by now that I had nothing interesting to blog about so if you have read this far – I thank you!

I’ll try to do better tomorrow…



9 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. ha ha, I often have days like that!

    I always chat to myself when home alone. I love talking to me! I always agree, always see my point of view, and don’t have to defend my point of view! Fabulous! ;o) x


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