Clickety clack

Knitting needles don’t actually make that noise, do they?

I am making good progress with the yarn-from-hell cardigan.

Back and one side are now complete and I have cast on and done a couple of rows of the second side.

The cardigan has the option of short or long sleeves so I am doing short!  Anything that cuts down the amount of knitting I have to do with this terrible yarn.

I am resisting the urge to start another project because I just want to get this cardigan out of the way.

A while ago I described the sort of cushion cover I wanted to make to match the cushion cover I recently finished:


I thought I might try a chunky cable knit and Rachel Radiostar kindly emailed me a pattern for one such cushion cover and that will be my next project as soon as the cardigan is finished.

I will then make the second extreme knitting rug to go in the bedroom.   The one already made:


is on OH’s side of the bed and I want to make one for my side.

So I have got two nice projects to look forward to.

It is a lovely sunny day today so I am busy getting lots of washing out on the line.  Yesterday there were some spectacular hailstones battering down – you have just got to love the variety of weather an English springtime can offer up.

Have a good day.

Until tomorrow…




10 thoughts on “Clickety clack

    1. I got battered by some yesterday when I rushed out to pick in the washing because it looked like a storm was going to set in for a while. By the time I was getting the last few items off the line the sun was shining – argh!


  1. Hope you get Flo’s cardigan finished soon, I know you’ve not enjoyed knitting it. The rug looks really good, bet you’ve built some muscles up doing that! Regarding your post yesterday, yes I have plenty of days where I never seem to stop but never seem to get anything done either. I love talking to myself because I’m always right. xx


  2. knitting needles do make a noise, a gentle tip, tap, tip. And it’s lovely.

    love your knitting-ness, and your determination to carry on with wool that you clearly loathe!

    Ah, hail. The only cold weather that I hate with a passion. It pings you in the face, whenever I get home from walking in stupid hail, I have tiny red punch marks all over my face from it that take ages to fade. Snow. wind. rain. would gladly walk through any of it. But hail? Never! So of course, we got caught in it on the way home from school too! x


    1. I really do loathe the wool but I must stop moaning about it on here otherwise people will stop reading! The weather seems particularly odd at the moment, one minute brilliant sunshine and moments later hail and thunder. Hope you didn’t get too battered on the way home. x


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