Possible dilemma solution

I have had a bit of a dilemma for a while – we are talking first world problems here, I readily admit that.

It’s all to do with a chair and a quilt.    Tatty chair with inadequate cover.   Big old hand-sewn, not-yet-finished hexi-quilt that I am sick of.   It is referred to now as The Beast because it has taken so long and is so huge.

A couple of my favourite bloggers have been doing lots of hexi-quilt sewing recently and it made me ponder The Beast a bit more and wonder if I would ever finish it and if I did, what would I do with it.

I no longer want it in any of the bedrooms as the colours are all wrong – I have been making it so long it would have matched a bedroom about three moves ago!

One of the chairs we have in our sitting room has an original blue cover which is really tatty and tired looking (but the chair is in good condition and comfortable).  It has a pale cream cover which I use to cover up the blue but then cover the cover with a blanket because otherwise the cream would get grubby so quickly.  I haven’t got a blanket that really matches the colours in the sitting room so it sits there like a big old eye sore annoying me.    I have been meaning to get some fabric that I like and that matches so I can make another cover.

The colours of the quilt would go in the sitting room (brown leather sofa and one chair, a mixture of reds, orange, taupe in soft furnishings – looks better than it might sound!).

So I am thinking that I might use the quilt to make a cover for the chair.   I will have to cut it down and I am not exactly sure how I would do it yet – I will have to think about that some more but it would sort the chair cover problem out and mean that I do something with this enormous quilt that I have spent so many hours sewing.

Some photos to give you an idea:  the chair showing the original blue and with the cream cover and the quilt –


OH thinks it would be a shame to take this apart to make pieces the right size to make a chair cover, I think it would be shame to finish it and then hide it away in a cupboard because I have got nowhere to use it.  And it really feels too big to keep ‘just in case’.

For months now it has been ‘resting’ where it is photographed here, on the futon sofa in the bedroom and I want to put a nice cover on the futon and make some cushions for that (to stop it being used as a dumping surface) so I am a bit sick of seeing the quilt sitting there looking at me reproachfully all the time.  Okay, I know quilts don’t have eyes and can’t look reproachfully or any other way at me, but you know what I mean?

Would you dismantle something you had spent an age making if you thought you could make better use of it?

Until tomorrow…



18 thoughts on “Possible dilemma solution

  1. Yes, if I could use it somewhere else I’d definitely take it apart. I actually make things, knowing I have no need for them and throw them away, so I’d be pleased my hard work could be put to some other use.

    I don’t know if you ever saw the star quilt I made but that got thrown out. The challenge and process of making it was all I needed from the project and I don’t have space to store things I’m never going to use. I’m hoping the hexy quilt I’m making will be different. With pink baby on the way, it might get thrown over a little bed for sleepovers in years to come. I think that’s why I make the things I do for charity. I love the ‘making it’ bit, but there’s very little I really want to keepand at least it’s of use to somebody. xx


    1. I get that, the process is part of the fun. I usually try to have a purpose in mind but I do often make crochet blankets for the charity shop collection bags that come round on a regular basis. I am sure your hexi-quilt will be perfect for sleepovers with pink baby in due course!


    1. Yes, the advice and ideas on here have been really helpful and I think I am moving to the idea of it as a throw to cover the chair rather than trying to get it in to the right shape for a fitted cover.


  2. From experience, I would finish the quilt and use it as a throwover cover; the hand sewn pieces without quilt batting and backing will fall to bits if used as “fabric” to make a chair cover. You could fuse it to a backing maybe but it would cost a bomb in bondaweb! Could you make it into a quilt using a fabric you like and have it on a bed, patchwork side down? Later on you may well fall back in love with the patchwork.


    1. Yes, I will need to make sure it is robust enough. It already has the quilt batting as I have done them with each hexi-piece so it will only need fabric backing. Finishing it as a throw will certainly be easier than trying to get it into a proper shape for a cover.


  3. ooh, your quilt is amazing. I love it!
    Yes. to answer your Q. I would cut down something I’d made to use elsewhere, I have done before and I’d do it again.
    You’ve kind of answered your own query anyway. You point out that should you finish The Beast it would most likely be folded up and put away. So if I were you I would absolutely use it to cover the chair because you’d use it and see it, and all that hard work wouldn’t be wasted.

    :O) xx


    1. Thank you! It would be a shame to have it finished and just put away, a lot of work has gone in to it so I think I will work out the best way to use it to cover the chair and get on with it!


  4. Yes, I’d dismantle it if I thought it could be better utilised elsewhere. I think the chair would be stunning covered in the hexy fabric.


  5. I love that hexie quilt. I’m making one at the moment too, with thought in mind that it could be done for one of my daughters weddings…. They are 3and 5 now.
    Why don’t you finish it, asap . Do some lap quilt or single bed quilt and give it as a Christmas present…. At least it will be loved and used…


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