Too old

For the shenanigans I got up to at the weekend.   And I know that because I am still worn out from it now.

It was a friends birthday at the weekend so a night out was planned.  The plan was food, a few drinks, nothing over the top (we are not as young as we used to be!).   Not sure whose idea it was that we should go dancing, but we did, until 3am!

I got to bed at 4.15am Sunday morning.   Yesterday was a very lazy day!

Flo is in school today, her school doesn’t close for this bank holiday, I am planning another lazy(ish) day.  I have at least sorted laundry and filled a charity shop bag with clothes she has grown out of.   I can feel a film afternoon coming on.

I can’t remember the last time I danced until 3am but I am pretty sure that it was decades rather than weeks, months or years ago!

Thank you to everyone for all the lovely helpful comments on my previous post about the quilt/chair cover.  I have now replied to them all but my weekend of debauchery and dancing (okay there was no debauchery) meant that I didn’t log on until this morning.

But all the comments have helped me sort out the various ideas that were rattling about in my head.

I am very lucky to have such lovely people read this blog.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday.

Until tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Too old

  1. oh I couldn’t do that now. I’m falling asleep just after 9, the amount of times I start watching something, fall asleep, wake up confused and baffled as to where I am, who I am, and what the heck is on telly! ;o)

    Good thing to do sometimes though. Live is for living, and that includes dancing and drinking and having fun! x


  2. Oohhh you can’t beat a good boogie, especially when you’re slightly older and all inhibitions were abandoned years ago. One of the best things about a late night out is the lazy day that follows. In my younger days, I’d spend the day recovering from the night before then go out and do it all over again. Hope you enjoyed the recovery process. xx


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