It doesn’t take long

People who have been reading this blog a while might remember that we only moved to this house just at the end of last July.

We had lived in our previous place 8 years and, over time, the usual accumulation of clutter (hidden away in cupboards and the loft) had grown and was all cleared and sorted in the run up to the move.

I vowed that I would keep on top of things in the new place – especially as this is not our permanent home, but an ‘it-will-do-for-a-while’ home.

Well I already have a long list of stuff to put up on ebay that is taking up space in the garage and for the last few weeks I have been telling myself that I must get some photographs taken and list the items – still not done!

And little ugly messy spots are creeping in – my desk (which I can close the writing lid up and cover but I still know it is there) and a couple of shelves on some of the bookcases:


There are also two drawers in the kitchen that I am too ashamed to show – so you can imagine how bad they must be!

I need to have a day putting some order back in to our space.   But it wont be today as I have to head off to Exeter now for a work meeting.

Excuses, excuses…

I hope you are all having a good day and enjoying the really nice weather.

Until tomorrow…




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