Sixes and sevens

Last night I was convinced it was Friday – normally on a Bank Holiday week I feel like I am a day behind all week, clearly I had skipped a bit this week and was thinking it was Friday when it was still only Thursday.

I had a busy day in Exeter yesterday with work meetings but it was good and I am looking at a busier academic year next year than I have had this year which will be very welcome.  I have had too much time on my hands this year and whilst I have tried to be productive with it I have spent more time at home than I am used to and have not enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.   I do prefer to be out working more than I have been.   I still enjoy keeping a nice home, making things and being here for Flo but I have worked hard to get the qualifications and expertise in my field that I have and need to use them.

I am away teaching all day tomorrow which I am looking forward to, so today I am doing all the preparation I need for that.

Food shop needs to be done today so I will do that after I pick up Flo.  She doesn’t mind coming round the supermarket with me.   I try to avoid having to do the shop with her because it is boring for a child (boring for adults as well but needs must).  However, she is no trouble at all and likes to keep charge of the list and try to add things up as we go around!

I didn’t need to buy flowers last week when I did my shop as I had too many left from the previous two weeks which were all still looking good.   Some of them are now beginning to look tired so I will get some more today.  I am not sure what yet

Flo and OH will have homemade chips tonight for dinner, I feel like going for a swim as I haven’t been yet this week and am trying to go at least once a week.   I like to swim for a solid 60-90 minutes as it clears my head and makes me feel ready to take on the world (as long as no -one asks me to, that’s fine.  I might feel like I could take on the world but I know my limitations!).   When it comes to lane swimming I always choose the medium lane, I am not fast enough (or inclined to be fast enough) for the fast lane and the slow lane is too slow for me.

I think I find swimming more relaxing than yoga.   I think the repetitive nature of it suits me.   Apart from last week when I had read the swimming pool timetable wrong and half the pool was set aside for water aerobics so I had to swim to the thud thud thud of really loud music and a woman screeching ‘come on ladies’ in to a head-set microphone while 30 rather bored looking women flapped about in the water.

I hope you are all having a good Friday, whatever you are doing.

I am making progress with the yarn-hell cardigan.   First sleeve is done, so I will get started on the second sleeve tonight then it is just the border to do.  And the sewing up.    So next week should see this particular project out of the way.   Then to start on the next project.  I think it will be the chunky knit cushion cover.   So I do need to get in to town and get some yarn.

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Sixes and sevens

  1. It’s funny how Bank Holiday Mondays really mess with your mind. I’m usually the same, a day behind, but this week I’ve just been confused! Every single morning I’ve woken up and thought ‘what day is it?’, doesn’t help that I’ve been waking at 5.30 on the dot either.

    Plus, I always think a week has gone well if Violet has been in school each day, not off sick. Was thinking ‘yeah, full week done’ until I realised .. apart from Monday. Ok, not her fault, but even so, not a full week!

    I can understand your wanting to work when you’ve worked so hard to get your qualifications. Totally understandable. I love being home each day. Suits me really well. I worked several jobs after leaving school, and fell into different careers by chance. All the time I wished I was a housewife and mother. So glad when I finally achieved it :O) that’s the lovely thing about life .. choice.

    Have a gorgeous weekend xx


    1. As lovely as they are Bank Holidays really do mess with your head! 5.30am every morning! That’s not fun. x

      You are right, it is all about having choice – for me that is the true meaning of feminism – every woman having the choice to live her life as she chooses and respecting the choice of others. I am not madly career driven (not that there is anything wrong with being so if that is the choice one makes) but before we moved I had a good balance of work and home (there were times when I was madly busy but I also had a lot more freedom in the university holidays – which are even longer than school holidays!) but since we moved the balance has not been right for me. I don’t want to be full on 5 or 6 days a week with barely time to catch my breath but I do need a bit more than I have at the moment.


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