Early mornings

I quite often get up much earlier than OH and Flo just to enjoy the early morning peace.

I know that might seem odd coming from someone who has mentioned a few times on here that she hasn’t enjoyed spending so much time at home over the last year.

But my early mornings are not about having time to myself as much as enjoying the quiet and stillness of an early morning.

The times can vary.  Sometimes I have a run of 5am starts sometimes it is 6am.   OH and Flo don’t get up until 7am.    More often than not I read, sometimes I have work to do and sometimes I get the yoga mat out and do some exercise.

I know that there are lots of other people awake – night workers, people who have to get up really early for work but, generally, it is a very quiet time of day and it can seem like you have the start of the day, watching the world wake up, all to yourself.

What is your preference – early bird or night owl?

The house is full of lovely flowers today as I still had lots from previous weeks – all refreshed with being cut down a little more and put in fresh water.   Yesterday I added to the general mass with two bunches of roses and one bunch of carnations:


Have a lovely day.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Early mornings

  1. I like being up early too. Before I had Violet it was around 5 ish, so I could have a cup of tea outside and enjoy the fresh early morning air. In summer. Can’t do that in winter. Now I’d rather sleep until 6, but this week I’ve been waking naturally at 5.30 and it’s getting on my nerves! I’m normally asleep early too. But last night I was awake until around midnight, waiting for Bill to get back home safely.

    Your flowers are beautiful. A house becomes a home with fresh flowers dotted around :O) xx


    1. Yes, deciding to get up early is one thing, waking up early when you don’t want to or being woken early is another thing altogether! Hope Bill had a good boys night out.

      Flowers do make a house a home, you are absolutely right! x


  2. I like peaceful early mornings where it’s just me. Mostly though early mornings involve being dived upon by one or both of my children, these are not my best kind of early morning!


    1. Yes! It is one thing when it is a choice to get up early and enjoy the peace and quiet, another thing altogether when it is a small child deciding it is time to start the day!


  3. I’m definitely an early bird. Once I’m awake that’s it! It seems a waste of a day otherwise! I love that peaceful time around dawn but only in the summer months. Hate insomnia in the dark winter months.


    1. Dawn is the best time of the day. I had quite bad insomnia before Flo was born, regularly getting only 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night, several nights a week, for some years. Amazing how the sheer exhaustion of having a newborn can fix that! Now getting up very early is a choice – it’s not a seven day a week thing – and that is what makes it a nice thing to do


  4. Just been catching up with you blog. I nearly dropped when you said you like to swim for 60-90 minutes. I can just about manage a length, possibly 2 on a good day without stopping! All you early birds out there, goodness me. It’s just as well I’m a night owl to balance it all out. There’s no way I could get out of bed before 7.30am regularly and even then I struggle! The flowers are lovely 🙂 xx


    1. Swimming has always been my favourite exercise so it doesn’t phase me to swim for a long time. I think most people are either early birds or night owls its when we try to be both that things can go horribly wrong!


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