Cliche alert!

Apologies for the missing accent over the ‘e’ of cliché in the title – can’t see how to get the symbol up in the title box?


Anyway…  As a family we proved ourselves to be totally predictable yesterday.  The sun was shining – let’s have a barbecue!

In fairness this is not something that is a regular feature in our lives.  In fact this was our first ever barbecue.   OH has always grumbled that barbecues are nothing more than an excuse for serving up badly cooked food.  At the end of last summer, however, he obviously had a brain-freeze moment and decided that we should get a barbecue (in the end of summer sales so we could get a good one for not much money).    And so yesterday was the first time we had ourselves a barbecue.   And it was good.

OH has now declared that ‘we will be doing this a lot over the summer’.   I am not sure what has happened to him.  Maybe it’s an age-related determination to prove his ‘hunter-gatherer’ qualities and a ‘man make fire-Neanderthal’ throwback blip.   But really, until he heads out, kills the animal and drags it back over his shoulder before flinging it on the fire then it really is just outdoor cooking with food bought from the supermarket.

Our cats, however, did decide to demonstrate their hunter-gatherer abilities in the middle of our barbecue as they came over the fence at the same time, both carrying dead rabbits in their mouths which they preceded to drop at OH’s feet as he was cooking  our chicken, meatballs, peppers, and stuffed mushrooms on the barbecue.

It was a weird moment as they both sat with their dead rabbits in front of them looking from rabbit to OH as if they expected him to cook them!    I would have got my camera to take photos but had to deal with floods of tears from Flo as she gets so upset when the cats kill and was desperately sad about the ‘poor dead bunnies’.

So I took Flo inside while OH dealt with cats and dead rabbits.   Then Flo and I came back out to finish our food – but to be honest the moment had been tainted somewhat…

For pudding though we did have the best ice-cream ever and I recommend it to you.  It is from Nigella Lawson’s How to Eat book (p.282)

Lemon Ice-Cream

3 lemons

420ml double cream

170g icing sugar

You want the zest of 2 of the lemons and the juice from all three mixed with the icing sugar.   Then whisk up your double cream until it starts to thicken and form soft peaks.    Then mix in your lemon juice/zest/icing sugar mixture in to the thickened cream.

Place in a Tupperware container, lid on and freeze.   That is it.  You don’t need to remove it after a certain time and bash up the ice crystals,  it could not be easier.  It does freeze hard so you do need to take it out of the freezer a good 30 minutes before you want to eat it.

Do try it, it is so good.

And that was it.  Our first barbecue of the summer was a success in terms of cooking and food but the overall enjoyment was negated somewhat by the addition of two dead rabbits.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Until tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “Cliche alert!

  1. I love being a cliché! It made me laugh so much when walking around in Asda yesterday. I think everyone had charcoal in their basket, the bread rolls had all but vanished. I found to packs, grabbed them gleefully then HID THEM UP in my trolley in case anyone else saw them and decided to take mine out and sneak into their trolley! It really was THAT deranged in there. The shop assistant quite rightly pointed out that she thought it would be quiet and that everyone would be out enjoying the sun. I said ‘no, we’re all in here buying stuff for BBQ’s instead’.

    Still. We have to. Never know when the rain will set in, and while the very thought makes me smile, it’s not good for outdoor eating. Which is always fun!
    :O) x


    1. Sounds like it was complete madness in Asda. We didn’t do a BBQ dash yesterday, I got stuff on Friday feeling fairly certain that buying in advance would be sure to make it rain but it didn’t. Outdoor eating is fun, sometimes in the summer holidays Flo and I will just take a picnic lunch outside and eat in on a blanket on the ground – makes a humble sandwich seem like a treat.


  2. ‘to packs’ is meant to be two packs. I am typing quickly to get outside. Bill is putting up some new trellis so I need to supervise! ha ha. Also writing lists for Violet’s upcoming party. Going to do it out in the sun, with a cup of Earl Grey! x


  3. I think I’d have been in tears as well over the dead bunnies. No BBQ here. I posted a similar answer over at Sadie’s earlier on. We’ve not had one for a few years. Ever since the day Mark burnt the sausages and we had a massive row because apparently I’d bought the wrong type. I ask you. Talk about not accepting responsibility. These days any food we eat outside is cooked in the oven and taken there. It makes for harmonious living haha. xx


    1. it wasn’t nice to see the poor dead rabbits but ‘nature red in tooth and claw’ and all that… What is it about men and the BBQ? Give them some coals and a pair of barbecue tongs and they become possessed!


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