Gather ye rosebuds….

Well perhaps not buds but petals…

I love using dried rose petals in bath bombs – they look so pretty.  I only ever make pure white bath bombs.  I don’t like adding artificial colours (a la Lush products), it is not a criticism of artificial colours just a personal preference not to use them.   The rose petals add a touch of colour and look pretty floating on the bath water once the bath bomb has fizzed away.


I have just finished drying out some rose petals.    These are from shop bought roses. I do keep the roses as fresh flowers for a while but before they turn  I remove the petals, lay them out on kitchen roll on a tray (the kitchen roll helps to absorb the moisture) leave them in a warm place and after a few days they are dry enough to store.


These will be put in a coffee grinder (that is just used for grinding botanicals for making  skin care products) and blitzed a little.  Not reduced to a powder but just to slightly smaller pieces and then stored.

As they are shop bought flowers they don’t add to the bath bombs in terms of smell (although I do add a few drops of rose geranium essential oil to them when bagged for storage).

Once some roses start appearing in the garden I will use petals from them and they do smell great so no additional essential oil is needed for the petals.   This particular bath bomb I always scent with rose geranium essential oil and ylang ylang.

Have a good day.

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “Gather ye rosebuds….

  1. They look absolutely lovely and what a good use for the rose petals. I’m drying out some roses at the moment. The idea is to use them for something. Not sure what yet, waiting for creativity to strike! xx


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