Dare I?….

Have one last little moan about you-know-what?

Started to sew up the cardigan last night – had to do the shoulders so I could then pick up stitches all around the front and neck for the border.  But of course the crappy yarn is impossible to sew with because of the sequins snagging and getting caught on the knitted piece.   I thought it might happen as I set to do it and, it did!

Off in to town now to get a ball of either black or purple yarn so I can sew the shoulders, to do the border and then sew the rest of the wretched thing up and be done with it!

I promise that is the last time I will moan about this.

And I might try and come back later with a post that is something other than a moan!

Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Dare I?….

  1. ha ha! I feel your pain. I once thought it would be a great idea to make a tutu inspired tablecloth. 15 metres of netting under a sewing machine is not a good idea! ;O) x


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