It is done!

The sparkly cardigan is finished!

I do feel ridiculously pleased with myself for finishing this.  It is not that the pattern was difficult, it was actually a very simple knit.  But, as I may have mentioned (!), the yarn was hideous to work with.  It was sort of two stranded with a cotton thread to which the sequins were attached and then the yarn around it so it constantly bunched up and I had to keep smoothing it out so that I didn’t get big clumps in the yarn.   There were also lots of knots in the yarn.  In each ball I came across at least two or three knots where the yarn had obviously broken and been tied together which is a clear sign of a poor quality yarn and very frustrating.


It does need a further pressing but, on the whole, I think it looks so much better than it deserves to, given the quality of the yarn.    Flo loves it – which is what matters.

I did make one alteration – the original pattern had ties and pom poms to do it up:


But Flo decided the pom poms would annoy her jangling around on her front so I went with a simple, hidden, hook and eye and then just stitched a button on to give it a good finish.   I think I prefer it like that too.

I will knit this cardigan again, there is a long sleeve option too, because it is a super simple pattern, but I will be selecting better yarn.   It is a double knit so there will be no shortage of nice yarn to choose from.

Thank you all for putting up with my moaning about this yarn – you have all been very tolerant of my continual whinging.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…






16 thoughts on “It is done!

  1. It looks really good – was the yarn a problem, didn’t notice you had mentioned it !!! 🙂


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