Enthusiasm returns!

I knitted up a storm last night.

I was knitting with yarn that was nice to work with.  Have I mentioned that I recently made something with the most awful yarn…?

Okay – no more!

No, what meant to say was that I have started on another cushion cover.  Lovely yarn(!)  chunky knit with 50% pure merino wool.

I have done a 4×4 knit and purl chess board effect – this probably has a name which I don’t know but I played around for a bit and then decided to do it like that because I thought it would look nice and, so far, it does.   I haven’t got round to practising my cable knitting yet and as I just wanted to get on with something I am saving the cable knit cushion pattern for the next cushion.

Anyway – the cushion cover so far:


I didn’t realise that photograph was so blurry when I took it, apologies for that.

Anyway, it is a pleasure to be knitting at a fair old rate with really nice yarn!!

I’ll stop now…

Until tomorrow…




6 thoughts on “Enthusiasm returns!

  1. Love the pattern that you’ve chosen and I’m glad you’re enjoying knitting this more than the purple cardigan, which by the way is beautiful. Bet Flo feels very sparkly when she wears it. xx


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