Mid-week cheat

We often have a simple curry on a weekday night – one that suits all our taste buds.

I tend to cheat – buying a simple Korma sauce.   I have tried to do my own curry spice mixing but never seem to get it quite right so for mid-week simplicity go for a bought sauce – the only sauce in a jar I do buy so I don’t feel too bad about it.

OH would happily eat something with much stronger spice but is happy to have this, it suits my taste buds perfectly and Flo will eat.  We used to have to add extra natural yogurt for her to tone it down even more but now she eats it as is.    Our favourite ingredients for this sauce is chickpea, onion and spinach – chickpeas from a tin, five cubes of frozen spinach – all I really do is chop an onion!

What I do make from scratch to go with our curry is lots of chapatis. I prefer them to shop bought naan breads which are too filling.  They cost pennies and are super quick to make.

I just use wholemeal bread flour, dried herbs, salt and pepper and water.   Quickly mix the dough and then split in to lots of small balls which I then roll out.  Fry each individual flat bread for about 20-40 seconds on each side in hot oil.


I tend to not bother with rice so I can eat more of the breads because they taste so good!   OH and Flo love them too and it appeases my conscience that I am making something from scratch when part of the main dinner is a shop bought sauce!

A conscience is a funny thing isn’t it!

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…




6 thoughts on “Mid-week cheat

  1. ooh, they look good. I am impressed that Flo will eat curry, Violet won’t even try it. She’s usually pretty good at trying things just once, but when it comes to curry – no.

    I never feel guilty about using anything in a jar. Never! I am a terrible person! ha ha ;o) x


    1. Flo is not too bad – should would be more fussy if she could get away with it but I am a very mean mummy! My attitude is ‘well if you don’t like it, the alternative option is hunger!’ As soon as she was old enough eat regular food I started her on the same food as us and so she doesn’t know any different. I do make allowances for her younger taste buds – like the extra yogurt that she used to have in curries and still has in chilli. Her taste buds for garlic are not up to our levels yet so I adapt any garlicky recipes. She has preferences in fruit and veg so I make sure there is plenty of what she likes on offer but the deal is she has to have small amounts of her non-favourites regularly too.


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