All day!

All-day sports day at Flo’s school today.

Not quite sure why the powers that be think it should last all day and put pressure on parents to be there all day and do a whole picnic extravaganza thing!

So in a moment I will be making banana and chocolate chip muffins, tuna and cucumber sandwiches, making a fruit salad and a regular salad, searching for the picnic blanket, the cool bag and hoping there are some ice-packs in the freezer!

Should I have done some of the searching for things a day or so ago – yes!

Is leaving everything to the last minute a good idea – no!

Did  my laptop decide to upgrade itself to Windows 10 without warning at 11pm last night when I was in the middle of some important work making me grumpy with the whole world – yes!

Off to get sore hands from endless clapping and a sore throat from lots of cheering!

Do you think it might be okay to take my knitting and/or a book for when I get bored?

Until tomorrow…



10 thoughts on “All day!

  1. I hope you took your knitting. I know we’re meant to watch everything our little Lovelies do with a smile and a sigh, but ick, Sports Day should be renamed Yawn Day. All that faux jolliness, clapping, and ‘yeyying’. Urgh. And as they get older they are harsh on the kids. Making them run out in the hot blistering sun non stop. Cruel, I tell you. And cruel to have to sit and watch. I absolutely hate SD! hate it!

    So I hope you had a good day, and enjoyed your knitting. I mean watching Flo run about ;o) xx


  2. All day sounds a bit heavy going, what was the plan of action if it rained, would they have just re-organised it? Hard on parents who work and might feel obliged to take a days holiday as well. And I hate the parents race. The Mums and Dads are more competitive than the children. Hope Flo enjoyed it, at least it’s a change from sitting in the classroom all day. xx


    1. Rain would have meant reorganising for another day. But it is a big ask on parents to give up a whole day when every child was in no more than three events. Flo had one in the morning at about 10.30 and wasn’t on again until 2pm and then again at 3.10pm When it comes to individual sports she doesn’t have a competitive bone in her body and was happy to half run – half skip her races and came in last with the biggest smile on her face. I think she has worked out that if you come in last you get more claps and cheers from the people watching because they give lots of encouragement so that the child who is trailing in last place doesn’t get upset! Luckily there are no parents races past year 2 – HURRAH!!


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