Minor indulgence

I had to pop to Lidl today to do the weekly shop.

I do love the flowers in Lidl, there are a very reasonable price and they last really well.

You do need to put in a bit of effort to make them last.   I change the water every few days and each time trim a little off the stems and this seems to really help then last a decent amount of time.

As a consequence I really didn’t need to get any today as I still have two lots in the sitting room, one lot in the dining room, some on the hall table, our bedroom and the bathroom all from last week and the week before.

So instead I bought myself two rather pretty notebooks:


I do like a pretty notebook and at £1.49 each (A5 size), hard cover, and 160 lined pages I thought they were rather good value.

I am a list person and I have just taken on some more work for the next academic year so I need different notebooks for different work areas – well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

It is nice to buy a little bit of pretty every now and again and if it is functional too then all the better.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…




4 thoughts on “Minor indulgence

  1. Oh those are so pretty. Not sure how I missed them during my weekly shop. I’ll have to look and see if they have any left next week. Trouble is their things are such good value if you miss them first time around it’s unlikely there’ll be any left the following week. xx


    1. Absolutely, sometimes their special buys all go the very day they arrive. There were a lot of notebooks in my local store so I think they might have only arrived with the Thursday special offers.


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