Where did the weekend go?

It seems to have disappeared in a bit of blur.

I did have to work quite a lot over the weekend with private tutoring on Saturday morning and most of Sunday spent writing course outlines for the next academic year.   That is quite a fun job as I get to select which texts to include, what the focus of the course will be.  I had to do seven courses so lots of variety and now I am keen for September to get here!

Flo had lots of time with OH over the weekend and as she sees more of me in the week it is nice for her to have some time just with him.   All three of us together for family time is good too but we get lots of that so one weekend where I was absent from the mix a bit is not a problem.

I finished this book over the weekend: (A Notable Woman, not the Punch book although I will be using images from the Punch book in one of my courses next year!).


This has been my bedside book for ages, just reading a few entries each night before nodding off.    There is a lot of it that is very interesting and well written.  The earlier years and her teenage/early twenties love life entries are a little tedious but the war years provide lots of interest as do the post-war years as she started to really find a path she wanted to follow.

It is a big beast of a book and, dare I say, could have survived a closer edit without losing any of its value.     But I am glad I invested the time to read it, it was worth it.

I hope you all had a good weekend.   I did play in-out-in-out (but not quite shake it all about) with the washing a few times yesterday because of the swift changes between lovely, brilliant sunshine and then very heavy showers!

Onwards with the new week!  Until tomorrow…






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